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Excellent Auto Detailer in Corpus Christi

Welcome to Geralds Mobile Detailing! I am a passionate auto detailer based in Corpus Christi. I take my work very seriously because I am petrol head at heart. If your vehicle isn't sparkling and polished, then I can't sleep easy, so why not let me take care of those rims and that vehicle body? I am the guy to come to if you're looking to spruce up your vehicle before a promo shoot, a sale, or a roadshow. Years of experience? I've got that! All the tools to carry out interior and exterior vehicle cleaning? You bet. Call me today on +13615342146 to get an unbeatable quote.

Perfectionist Detailer

If your upholstery needs a thorough wash and scrub,I am the guy you want. Unlike some other companies, I don’t skip on my materials, so have the best lathers, soft wash mitts, and drying towels – all tried and tested for the best results. With me, you're not getting a casual wash and polish; you're getting a thorough clean that'll make your car or truck look better than new.

Why Choose Auto Detailing?

It's true. There isn't much difference between a basic car wash and detailing to the untrained eye. But my detailing services blow your average washing services out of the water. With an ordinary company, you can expect a full exterior wash and perhaps an interior vacuum job, but I go the extra mile. Firstly I give the vehicle a thorough assessment – whether it's the paint that needs the most focus, the upholstery, or if the whole thing needs to be freshened up. By the time I am done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much I’ve done. Don't settle for anything less than the best.


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Nathanael Doria

09 September 2023

09 September


Good service and reasonable price

Michelle Hollenbaugh

17 May 2023

17 May


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